7 Design lessons we can learn from Istanbul: Color is everything

As a returning traveler to Istanbul I developed a special bond with this city where its chaotic order has always made me feel more welcomed than anywhere else.

It’s a place that celebrates people, life, art and of course, design. For this reason I think we can all learn a bit from it’s lively landscapes and integrate them in our own love for the beautiful.

Lesson 1

If there is any word to completely describe Istanbul, that is the word ‘color’! From the buildings of Balat neighbourhood, the shiny mosaic lamps hanging in small shops, the spices in bazaars to the graffiti on the walls this city’s vibe is all about the mix of color.

Your sights can never get bored in a place like this, always something catching your eyes and it all seems made to open both your eyes and your wallet.


Colored buildings in Cihangir


Graffiti wall near Roxy Club in Cihangir


gardens of Dolmabahçe Palace


Colored houses in Beyoğlu


Anatolian restaurant in Sultanahmet


mosaic lights shop


leather accessories and jewel shop around Galata Tower


that Turkish delight…


traditional ceramics in a souvenir shop


pashtamal towels

DSC_0618 DSC_0624

Color is the one thing in design that helps you turn a space from dull to alive. I love spaces that combine electric colors with neutrals such as the ones below.

source - Living Etc magazine

source – Living Etc magazine

source - Pop Sugar Home

source – Pop Sugar Home

source - Living Etc magazine

source – Living Etc magazine

ap therapy

source – Apartment therapy

It’s not quite easy to get it right so I stick to the idea that best choose 3 shades in the godly 60-30-10 decoration rule to make sure the interior is balanced and vibrant in the same time.

I chose a few pieces below that would make great highlighting points in a space. And when in doubt, always use cushions to change and reinvigorate the decor.

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