A ‘Bali’ view on spirituality

All you hear about Bali is that it’s a deeply spiritual place. Everything is ‘spiritual’ there, all has a secret meaning, it’s all connected to their Hindu religion or ancient practices. I myself keep saying it to everyone asking me ‘How is Bali?’ – well it’s a magical place, it’s very spiritual. However, as I kept repeating […]

Take me back to Thassos

  I know, it’s frustrating. Outside we’ve got -15° C, the city is frozen in icy snow and the year has just begun so no chance for holidays too soon and I’m posting pictures from the lovely Greek islands. I’m ok with winter and all but let’s admit it, each of us has a happy place […]

Wreath in time for Christmas

I wrote my first post on Christmas decorations last year talking about the styles and steps of decorating a beautiful holiday tree and promised myself to write next year even more. Christmas is my favourite time in terms of designs because it practically allows one to do anything without the fear of being tacky. There’s even the kitsch […]

Let’s talk about trends

Fresh trends to pick up, everyone! Come and choose ya favourite, the bunch is ready and curated in trade shows and showrooms and magazines all for every taste and style. So yes, this autumn I’ve been very busy attending Maison & Object in Paris and Intergift in Madrid and checking out what the biggest players in home&deco industry […]

Small guide to spending a weekend in Hamburg

I was one lucky girl, everyone told me. Such splendid sunny days in Hamburg are rare and not just sunny, but warm and filled with the frenzy of locals enjoying the weather. So instead of visiting Miniatur Wunderland and other indoor stuff, I just took the city by foot and ferry to discover touristic and not so touristic sights. I […]

On how design can improve our personality

It’s generally accepted that a good design especially for home interiors can improve our fleeting moods and even though we might not be able to explain why a certain style or object influences our spirit, we cannot deny it’s importance in our lives. But from changing a mood to making us better people – how is that […]

A French-chic brunch in Birmingham

Going for brunch on a lazy Sunday morning isn’t just about waking up and eating late. It’s more about becoming Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha meeting up in a fancy design space preferably on a high-street venue, indulging in creamy lattes and sweet crepes because what the hell, gossips go better when they are sugar coated in deserts. TV shows […]