Botticelli in interior design

500 years later and we still hold a deep fascination with the Renaissance and what it represented for the social awakening of Europe. From the sumptuous lines in architecture to the candid representations of people in paintings, the Renaissance has taught us that it’s ok to dream and fantasy can come to reality with colors and shapes.

This year you will notice that both fashion and interior design have taken their inspiration from the Florentine artist Sandro Botticelli, known for his allegorical paintings, mythological characters and references to antiquity.



The Birth of Venus


So what is it so attractive about Botticelli’s work that we keep re-inventing up to this date?

I believe that aside from the skillful technique and allegorical meaning it’s this world of fantasy that he created through naturalistic details, the ethereal colors and elegance of figures – a general poetry in images. He tells stories of re-birth, of hope, of being one with nature. We all long for these notions so little to be found in our daily lives. We cannot buy a Botticelli art work but we can create a space to balance the fast paced modern life with its precision, technology and somewhat brutality.

Designers love to play with patterns and in a previous post I showed you how they chose this year to create a vibrant scenery, using mostly floral and nature inspired motifs. As a way of creating our own world of dreams in our homes, this trend is easy to adapt to interiors by choosing the right items and blending in the rich patterns in mild shades.


Wallpapers are great to give structure and opulence to a simple interior.

watercolor-walls-ideas-13 digsdig

source –

Purple-whimsical-living-room-with-botanical-accents living etc

source – Living etc magazine

living-rooms-3-easy-living-23apr13_pr_b_426x639 house and garden

source – House and Garden

Country-bedroom-with-pastel-bedlinen-and-floral-wallpaper Living etc

source – Living etc magazine



Because it’s all about ‘revival’, this interior goes best with retro chairs or shabby-chic furniture inspired by the Early Renaissance.


colaj scaune 2

Roccoco style chairs found on Pinterest

colaj scaune1

Retro lines with bold prints and colors can have a magical effect. And if you are really lucky to find a neo-classical style chair (down right) then keep it as a treasure


The easiest way to give the Botticelli feeling to a space is using textiles: change the bed sheets, throw in a cushion and put on new curtains. Also, small decorations and tabletop items can create the land of mythology with cost-effective results.

colaj 3

Wings and coral decorations from Joss and Main. The placemat art is from One Kings Lane

colaj dining

I love the Anthropologie dinner set, on the left. Or get the summerish feeling with the oyster plates from One Kings lane or the dessert set from Williams Sonoma

colaj gold

Decorations from Joss and Main

colaj textile

Talk about dream-like bedsheets! The one on the up-left side is from Pottery Barn, the one below from Sew a Little Love blog