Oh the guilty pleasure of walking into my favourite home deco shops and leaving with a big stuffed bag that I can hardly carry because of course, clothes and shoes just come on top of that!

So if you´re like me and you like treating yourself from time to time with some pretty objects then these shops are both museums and horror houses. Because a beautiful set of bedlinen makes you feel like you´re standing in front of a Boticcelli painting but when your eyes stop on the price tag then it suddenly turns into a semi heart attack. That´s why I always hunt for those bargain products that look cool, follow the latest trends and don´t drop a hole into my budget.

As a professional in the field I have to be constantly in touch with the market offerings and price points and the newest designs but as a good-old customer I have my own favourite places I like to go to for cool finds. Zara Home , Maisons du Monde, Habitat, H&M Home are just a few of the shops I research in and out, online and offline. 

What does one do when looking for thrifty pieces? Go to Sales section, of course! I always start my journey there because unlike shoes or clothes, home deco products rarely come in sizes that don´t fit. And what doesn´t work for the majority of public might look perfectly cool into your space. 

First stop? Zara Home, of course! No need to explain why Zara is the brand when it comes to setting the trends in fashion. Zara Home, however, keeps its classics up to date and is the place to go if you´re looking for good quality timeless pieces regardless of the season. So it wasn´t really easy to find products in ´rebajas´ but I made a small selection of both discounted items and good value for money ones.

Textiles are a must when it comes to Zara, not to mention long lasting and neutral hues that match any interior. Their fragrances are amazing but not always cheap so I found a lovely smelling candle for a bargain price. When it comes to furniture and decorations they don´t always have the best prices on the market but it´s worth investing in a couple of good-looking items like a chair or a sun-shaped mirror. 

Hello, my name is Ana and I´m an H&Mhome addict. I so love this place and pretty much all of the items therefore the stuff I selected is either what I already own or very similar!

H&M Home has somehow found the balance between cool and thrifty. Of course, not all of it´s offer is a bargain but regardless of sales season or not you will always find something there with a decent price and a fab design.

All products are taken from H&M Spain website

Cushions, cushions everywhere! I cannot leave the store without getting just one more cushion cover and in H&M you´ll most certainly see fancy design and smooth fabric at less than 9,99 eur. I´ve added on my shopping list guest towels and shower curtains because we´re literally supplying our bathroom with these items for almost two years now.

I must say the candles from H&M Home don´t have such a strong scent as the Zara ones but for that price it´s a good deal and it´s very pretty. And my all time favourite products from this store are by far the cups. I am a H&M cup collector, to be more precise. I own quite a few and though they are definitely not the cheapest in the basket they deserve all the credit. Because mornings are so difficult and coffee is such a necessity, who wouldn´t want to start off the day drinking from this little piece of art?

Maisons du Monde is another worldwide shopping destination for those who love design and their pockets as well. Prices are somehow higher than other stores and depends a lot on the category to know if you got a really good deal or not. 

My selection gathers a bit from the most important trends but I do suggest you pop up into one their shops to get inspired and find what suits you best.

Maisons du Monde cocktail

I always leave the shop with a notebook, little frame or jewelry stand. Someday I know I will have all the time in the world to write and fill in those pages with wisdom and wit but for the moment I am filling my house with notebooks and other stationery. 

A cool marble top table is perfect for keeping next to the sofa but always remember to use coasters otherwise you will feel sorry even for those 59,99 eur. Match it with a cool marble clock and voila! your home is now in fashion! Since Ikea brought to the world the never-dying wicker lamps everyone dreams to have one so I picked the most reasonable priced one from Maisons du Monde. 

Other honorable mentions:

Items from the sales section in Kenay Home 

That´s all for today, if you liked it and found it useful let me know in comments and don´t forget to follow me on Instagram for more! And if you want a ´specialist´eye on the shops in your area just leave a list of brands who sell online in comments and would gladly look into it for what you might be interested!

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