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Wow, I haven’t touched my blog in months! I’ve been on holiday, I’ve seen some really cool places but never found the time to actually post something about them. It’s such a different kind of life here and even now I’m wondering why am I not at the beach instead of sweating on the sofa trying to write this piece.

The truth is it’s been quite a roller coaster. I’ve been busy trying to adapt, making memories, loving, working, freaking out, crying, getting drunk, meeting people – in other words, living. In the end taking a pause from this allowed me to get new experiences, shake up the boredom inside and luckily I had my camera with me for some of them.

One of them was Montserrat in June. So if you are in Barcelona for a few days and want to do something different than soaking up the city and beach, there’s this lovely place about an hour train ride from Sants Station right to the foot of the mountain.

Long story short, Montserrat is one of Catalonia’s treasures: a religious and touristic site, it’s known for the quirky peaked rocks and the Benedictine abbey, a sacred place for those who are looking for the Holy Grail traces. In fact, it’s said that Montserrat holds a special energy alignment, a magnetic vortex such as in other places such as in Glastonbury or the Chartres cathedral.

_DSC0027 _DSC0029 _DSC0045

There are many stories about this enigmatic place. They say it’s a portal between worlds, that the strange rocky formations are due to an intra-terrestrial activity, that people have disappeared here without leaving a trace. They say this place was created when Atlantida sunk or that here it’s the secret to the Holy Grail. Actually, Himmler himself visited Barcelona and Montserrat in 1940 obsessed to find the Holy Grail. The nazis believed that finding it would make them invincible so Himmler had been searching for the Grail for years, hiring scientists and clerics to travel the world, dig and bring him the key to infinite power. Stupid, I know…

_DSC0036 _DSC0153 _DSC0097 _DSC0101 _DSC0105 _DSC0090 _DSC0117

To be honest, I didn’t feel an extraordinary energy going on there, nor that my vibration was rising or something of the sort. I hoped for, wished for but quite frankly I didn’t feel anything that wasn’t just the joy of being there, seeing beautiful things and enjoying a day in nature.

Because if Montserrat is special for something, then that is the raw beauty of nature the rocky formations that look like old druids on a counsel, flowers, olive trees, butterflies – so pretty and so close to the city.

_DSC0019 _DSC0030 _DSC0031 _DSC0047 _DSC0123 _DSC0129 _DSC0140

So what mysteries does the mountain really hold? So many legends written about it for centuries that I can’t help at wondering if some might actually have a real ground. For such a long time religious people, scientists, New Age philosophers have had a deep fascination with this place contributing to what we know but also to what we believe as supernatural.

In the end, just like with most of these aspects – the belief is more an inner reflection than a fact. It probably doesn’t even matter if the stories have a bit of truth in them or it’s just mumbo-jumbo. If people go there and feel something – then it’s perfect; if people feel more connected to themselves, to nature then that cannot be a bad thing, right? And we love the magical, the supernatural interpretations that take us out of our mortal, boring realities. It’s good for the spirit and judging from the local shops and restaurants it’s good for the economy too.

_DSC0066 _DSC0069 _DSC0073 _DSC0175

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