Going Green

It’s not something new that the more we evolve the more we’re inspired by nature in all aspects of our lives. We try to eat as much raw and unprocessed food as possible, we go back to lively landscapes instead of shopping malls and try to recreate pieces of untouched nature in our homes. I personally see it as a comeback to our true self, an acknowledgement of being part of this wonderful Universe and not separated from it.

This is probably why the ‘Back to Nature’ trend is so appealing and used by designers in shaping interiors. The colour palettes of 2015 include more greens than ever and we have a comeback of  the Scandinavian type of decorations using leafy patterns, prints of wild animals and antlers on the walls.

During my visit to Thessaloniki I stayed at City Hotel, close to the sea. The hotel lobby embraces the ‘Green’ style in terms of design and makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a small forest in the middle of the city. I took some pictures during the day and also in the evening when the lobby is empty and you can get a warmer feel of the interior.

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I like how they integrated classical objects such as the Eames plastic side chairs or industrial tables in the natural inspired space just to remind you that we are still in an urban area.


My favourite pieces from the whole setting and definitely the most comfortable, the rattan hanging chairs.


Below I’ve gathered  some products that I think will match this ‘Back to Nature’ theme. Some are found on various websites, some I actually used in my work of purchasing and curating. Which one is your favourite?