Ideas for decorating the Christmas tree of your dreams

It’s little time left until Christmas and everybody’s running around for presents, food, getting the perfect outfits and so on. If you haven’t yet bought the Christmas tree and have no idea how to decorate it then the process can seem like a true aggravation.

Some people love changing the Christmas decorations every year according to the season’s new trends and room design. Others become attached to ornaments as they collect them along the years, adding sentimental value to the little sparkling pieces. With a bit of help and strategy the tree can become the canvas to express the family’s taste and style, it’s all about knowing what you like and how to get it.

1. Choosing a tree

From personal reasons I would always recommend an artificial tree. Aside from the eco-friendly reasons, the artificial trees are fuller, more versatile and can come in many colors and shapes to respond to any preference.

Choose a white tree for a cottage-chic look, a pale blue or pink tree for a glamorous effect or a champagne color tree for a more sophisticated design.



We all love the smell of fresh pine in the room so one way of getting it is by using natural branches in garlands and wreaths to decorate the front door and rooms.



2. Location

The space we choose to place the tree becomes the central point of the room so we must make sure it will fit. It’s also important to have the plugs nearby and that there are no other elements to obstruct the full image

pic 4- location

christmas-tree-santa-claus-1215 christmas-tree-snow-1215

3. Making an inventory

Incomplete or broken ornaments, too few pieces, insufficient color – that’s something we definitely don’t want to deal with on Christmas Eve. So it’s best to make an inventory of what we have from last year a few days before starting to decorate. Even more, it helps us get a bigger picture of what style and colors we will choose and buy extra elements if necessary.

4. Choosing a theme

There are hundreds of options to match your style and home design.

Tradition doesn’t mean only red and green. The Scandinavian rustic theme is an expanding trend, brings warmth and makes an interior cosy: feather owls, crochet reindeers, tree bark Santas – those are simple elements we can use to recreate the ambiance of a mountain lodge.

pic 6 - rustic cushions

pic 7 - rustic santa)

Go glam with one colored theme like gold, champagne or pearl white. Make your Christmas tree a fashion statement by choosing 2 colors combination such as white and pastel pink, silver and blue.

pic 9 -purple1


This year I suggest going beyond the safety of the 2 colors combo and using 3 or maybe 4 shades in decorating. For my own Christmas tree I chose white, gold and shades of blue and turquoise as below.

pic 14 - white, gold, blue

5. Step by step

Lights always go first. Start from bottom leaving the cord close to the plug and work your way to the top. Turn them on to see if there are any spots left uncovered and re-arrange the lights as you like it.

Garlands. I know, we are all used to adding the tinsels after it’s all done but the result is almost always a heavy looking tree with the glittery tinsels hanging over the ornaments and covering them. A more modern and elegant option is using textile garlands or bows that we position from the beginning. They will create the symmetry and focal points of the decoration.

Ornaments. Just as we accessorize our outfits last, so we use the ornaments for the Christmas tree. I recommend using the big ones first – over sized balls and figurines will ‘fill’ the tree and bring fantasy to the story. Don’t forget to also decorate the back of the tree or it might fall on its front 🙂

The little balls, stars, bows and tree top are left last as they will fill the spots we left uncovered and will set the color balance.

If you want your Christmas tree to look special all you need is a few statement pieces to create a story: purses, glittery shoes and mirrors for a true fashionista; reindeers, fluffy owls and birds for those who love nature; Venetian masks, strong colored ornaments, over sized flowers and pearly balls for those who like to stand out.

pic 15 - mask pic 16 - reindeer