Let the people of El Born sleep

When visiting a city such as Barcelona a tourist cannot help but marvel at the beauty and scale of architectural jewels and enjoy to the fullest the attractions and nightlife it has to offer.

El Born barrio is no exception. It’s now one of the most fashionable places in Barcelona. The cafes and restaurants are packed with people, the streets filled with music. It’s a good destination for shopping from small private boutiques selling quirky stuff like hair wigs to old photo cameras. And of course let’s not forget the cultural satisfaction one can get by visiting the ruins of the medieval center of Born, the textile museum or the beautiful cathedral Santa Maria del Mar.

But what about the people living in the neighborhood of Born? As a passing tourist I’d always look with a bit of envy at those going back from work to the ‘place to be’ in Barcelona, feeling like on a perpetual holiday. However, judging by the posters hanging at the balconies I wouldn’t be so sure… Apparently the cheer and music of crowds keeps the locals from getting a proper sleep and up to the point where they had to speak up with billboards to be listened to.

DSC_0496 DSC_0498

So this raises an interesting question: how desirable is it indeed to live in a place like this? We admire and envy those who seem to have everyday the life we can only enjoy on holidays but is it really a perpetual holiday they are living? Or do the advantages of being closer to ‘where things happen’ come with a certain price?

In the end, no matter where we go home in the evening most of us have an ‘everyday life’ which includes waking up in the morning, using public transport or being stuck in traffic. It’s got papers, reports, meetings, emails, phone calls, deadlines, targets, projects, pressure and all those stress filled ingredients that create the need to get home, take a long bath and have a good night sleep.

The right to rest properly after a long day is a fundamental right of any person living in today’s society so I guess people inhabiting places like El Born should make no exception. I think we should all keep this in mind for the next trip we take to a luring place like Barcelona – party hard but remember – la noche es para descansar! 🙂


Strike a pose for the impromptu photographer!


Narrow streets in Born


Small shops selling fresh squeezed juices and home made marmelades


I’d say anything is possible in this city


Vintage cameras


I wonder if it’s still working…


Hand made bags


All sorts of hand-made objects: pillows, rugs, notebooks


Raise your hand whoever had a toy like this in childhood! I certainly did


How cool is this for a gift?


I have a feeling the balcony will fall off from the weight of those plants…


Beautiful architecture


The Catalan spirit is something not to play with 🙂


Ruins of the medieval streets of Born


The place used to be a famous textile guild centuries ago


Liberte, egalite, fraternite


What? He’s just chilling. Not so sunny to need the shades though…


Lovely cafe for a quick bite and a quick shot


I did tell you they sell quirky stuff in these places


Such a romantic mood from those strings of lights


On the way to Santa Maria del Mar

DSC_0465 DSC_0487 DSC_0509