Let’s talk about trends (2)

Before we go on with the 2016 forecast I’ll tell you a little secret about trends and styles: there’s no really such thing as in and out of fashion when it comes to interior design. After seeing so many trade shows, pictures, articles, exhibitions etc etc I came to one conclusion – everything is allowed, everything can be reinterpreted and time is just a matter of perspective. And that because as I mentioned before design can balance our inner worlds and we choose to express this through colors and shapes.

However, every year some really important guys decide what is more in the now than the previous year and draw subtle directions that we call trends. We’ve seen in the previous article  the comeback of retro patterns, romantic and ethereal expressions as well as a celebration of world traditions and crafts.

Today we look towards the sky and into nature for inspiration, we let the universe expand into our homes and learn that standout colors can be friends in the right mix.

High contrasts

Vibrant colors are still a focal point in 2016. Chromatic brights mingle with dark glossy tones to create an environment for the daring, self-confident personality. There are no boundaries in mixing and matching: tropical orange, greens blend in with neon yellows and fuchsia. The walls are superstars with heavily patterned  wallpaper and contemporary abstract art.

This trend takes it’s inspiration from Asian eclecticism, futurism and modernist artists such as Mondrian, Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo or Roy Lichtenstein.

These spaces activate the sense with playful combinations of colors, textures and pattern and add drama with extravagant statement pieces such as sofas, coffee tables or hanging lamps.

decoupage-collage patterncreator

source – Pattern Creator


source Pattern Curator


source Mec Interiors


We’ve got the blues

The way I see it, blue will always be the darling of interior chromatic no matter if they put it on the stage or not. It’s easy to mix, it’s soothing, it can be playful and toned down so of course we can call this an ‘evergreen’ trend. Blue is the common point for both the old and the new. It can take us on a journey to the ocean with clear hues, cobalt and navy tones or take us to a world of innovation with electric, petrol and neon colors.

What’s special this year is the ‘blue on blue’ technique, adopting layers of different tones in the same space without the fear of creating a cluttered effect. On the contrary; this brings a certain kind of depth, almost like a place of meditation.

Otherwise it can easily enhance other styles through pieces of furniture, rugs or wall art and works beautifully with the ones I will speak about below.

FotorCreatedtrends indigo



up right – LaSelva Studio’s Cosmo sofa by Missana

creative life blog

source – Creative life blog

Blue-modern-living-room-with-neon-sign Room-Decor-Ideas-2016-Trends-Living-Room-Living-Room-Design-Living-Room-Ideas-Gold-Blue-Room-Design-Sofa-1-640x545


Metallics, marbles, minerals

Some would split in two the metallic accents and the minerals. I chose to put them in the same category because both have an incredible impact when used together in interiors. Metallic finishes and stones might seem rather cold and unwelcoming but the truth is they create a sophisticated and glamorous touch to any space. Metallic accents have been used before but this year’s mix and match with stone surfaces benefits every design.

The cutout surfaces like crystals blend in with glass, copper, brass or silver for a luxurious touch. We notice a comeback in matte tableware and materials such as cobalt or marble become focal point in design pieces. This trends takes its inspiration from stones and minerals by adding prints and patterns on wallpapers, fabrics and pottery.



The Universe inspires

Last, but not least my personal favourite comes with inspiration from the outer space.

Mineral formations, planetary hues, starry prints and futuristic shapes take over our interiors for an intergalactic experience. We’ve all been amazed by the Hollywood productions like Interstellar, The Martian and the latest Star Wars movie so this design style comes at the perfect timing to properly appreciate the beauty of the outer space applied to our interiors. We hold a certain fascination for the vast and the unknown and perhaps this is a way of bringing it closer to our inner universe.

Patterns come with digital pixelations, Aurora borealis blends of colors, star dust motifs. Fabrics play with iridescence, shine, plastic, metal, fluid shapes. Dark tones of blue, cobalt, greys and black mingle with earthy tones and more softer shades of pink and yellow. Wallpapers recreate the space frontiers, decoration items come in planet and star shapes and furniture is designed as space ships ready to explore.


left – Valentino pre-fall 2015

PERIWINKLE-TWINKLE pattern curator

source – Pattern Curator

tom dixon

Tom Dixon creations

BOGI-FABIAN-TM-Tjpg__605 f01701fb3b728ba2ce324cf061c1d5f6 FotorCreated1 FotorCreated2 FotorCreated3 galaxy-moon-themed-houseware-interior-design-ideas-9__605 galaxy-moon-themed-houseware-interior-design-ideas-44__605 outerspace