Let’s talk about trends

Fresh trends to pick up, everyone! Come and choose ya favourite, the bunch is ready and curated in trade shows and showrooms and magazines all for every taste and style.

So yes, this autumn I’ve been very busy attending Maison & Object in Paris and Intergift in Madrid and checking out what the biggest players in home&deco industry have to offer for next year. Many new ideas for 2016 in interior design and some other reinforcing 2015 trends (you can check in a previous post here) so I had to choose the most prominent ones and group them in little stories.

Pictures come from the great Internet and some taken by phone, unfortunately these shows are very strict about copyright rules so going about with a camera on was not really an option. I’ve placed them in collages with other inspiring settings and products so you’ll get the idea.

So! 2016 is all about home as an expression of the heart. Whether you’re looking at the vibrant 70’s influence, the botanical opulence or the simplicity of a hand crafted setting, 2016 trends have something to offer for every soul.

The 2016 Pantone expresses confidence with bold mid tones, romance with milky pastels or takes us to exotic retreats of blue hues and spicy colors.



source Mec Interiors


That 70’s show

Just like fashion, the home design trends take a step back into the 70’s to bring in the bold patterns and innovative structures of furniture and design objects. It’s all about vibrant yellows, hues of mustard, turquoise and toned down with greys.

We see a comeback of the famous pieces of great designers like Ann Jacobson, Ray and Charles Eames, Marcel Breuer, Kazuo Motozawa or Richard Sapper.

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I personally wouldn’t go all retro, but choose the flashy patterns for cushions or a rug in a plain Scandi interior to bring life and color to the place.


Midnight Garden

Taking its inspiration from the ethereal world of fairy tales, this trends highlights romanticism, emotion and the beauty of nature. I spoke of the influence of Botticelli’s work in this interior design style some while ago and it seems we won’t say goodbye to it in 2016 either.

A brilliant way of putting the style into contemporary art was in Maison  & Object show in Paris. Team Lab created the ‘Floating Garden’ from over 2000 flowers hanging from the ceiling blooming inside a specially prepared room. When the viewer entered the room the flowers close to the viewer would rise upwards all at once leaving the viewer free to move around. The floor had special sensors which allowed the flowers installations to rise creating a hemispherical space around the viewer. As I entered the place I felt immersed in the flowers and felt deeply connected with them.


Team Lab source


Selfie in the garden 😀

Pastels are the main color schemes for this trend but this time combined with darker hues of earthy green, black and blue.


source Pattern Curator

ENGLISH-GARDEN pattercurator

source Pattern Curator


source Pattern Curator

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Artisan’s workshop

As you may have noticed, there’s a global tendency to going back to Arts and Crafts style where handmade, eco-friendly and locally produced are the key words. Actually this trend brings in the traditional works of different places on the globe to anyone’s home. It’s a way of celebrating the cultural diversity and enhancing the globe trotting preferences of us many.

Used materials: clay, rough wood, hemp, stone, forged iron, mohair, wool, paper, hides. There’s a mix of neutral hues inspired by earth and nature with vibrant colors coming from the Indian or Arabic styles.


source Pattern Curator


source Pattern Curator


source Mec Interiors



Soft neutrals

“Dusty, chalky versions of pastel tints are being accepted as the new neutrals… The neutral story is going away in home furnishings, but the palette will shift slightly.” Stacy Garcia for Home View

The washed out colors and soft pastels are prevalent in 2016 and designers continue to build upon grey. The style inspires feminine energy, tranquility and gracefulness. It’s highly adopted by the Scandinavian design style but can also be found in minimalist or contemporary spaces (for example Kelly Hoppen design style is based on neutrals). I was talking in a previous post about the serenity feel it brings to those trying to escape the dynamic world and go to a peaceful and unpretentious place.


It uses mostly natural fabrics: wood, linen, hemp, wool, cotton, iron and copper details. It inspires a place in nature undisturbed and unchanged by the human hand. For a more contemporary look it can be heightened by lustrous finishes and metallic surfaces.


source Mec Interiors

ss home trend

source Home Design Bible 2016

trend home bible 2

source Home Design Bible 2016



(to be continued…)