One hour in Padova

It’s not the best weather I could get in this trip to Italy. It’s been pouring from the sky for 2 days and even as I write in my hotel in Florence outside I can hear the rain falling heavily on the pavement. After looking at so many pictures with beautiful sunny Tuscany my mental image of these places is a bit confused with this grey scenery.

It makes me appreciate a cloudy but steady sky while you can at least take out a camera and capture the surroundings. And that is precisely what I did in Padova where I stayed for less than two hours until hopping on the train to Florence. I genuinely have no idea what I saw, what are the names of the places in the photos so please be kind and don’t expect a tourist short guide to the city. It’s just a bunch of pictures taken on a grey morning with a fixed Nikon 30mm lens in a town I may never see again. Enjoy!

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