Paris when it sizzles

Oh what a feeling when in Paris! No matter how many postcards, films or songs you see and hear there’s no way you can understand the fascination with this city until you get to see it.

Many have been said and many iconic images have been seen from this stunning city so there’s little I can add to it. And yes, this time I’ve been a proper tourist, checking all the cliches attached to a visit in Paris: pictures on Pont Neuf, climbing up the hill at Sacre Coeur, having brunch in Saint Germain neighbourhood and of course – crowding in with tourists at Tour Eiffel.

They say you either love or hate Paris. They say it’s smelly, packed with tourists, too much of a diversity, people are not particularly helpful and rather dirty. And yes, you can choose to see all that or you can choose to be amazed by the majestic buildings, inspired by art and design or enjoy the food and kaleidoscope of colours and scents.

In future posts I will bring to you the charm of design neighbourhoods of Saint Germain and take you on a tour at Museé d’Orsay and I also plan a more elaborate post on Art Nouveau but for the time being let’s just enjoy a few pictures taken on my strolls around the Parisian streets.

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