The paradise within

A year ago I was writing here on the difficulties of keeping a peaceful mental state in our daily hectic lives as opposed to those people living in blessed sun soaked places such as Costa Brava of Spain or… Bali, of course.

As I returned from my wonderful trip I kept looking into this matter: did this internal transformation of calm and trust come from the sacred space of Balinese landscapes or was it truly a deeper change? Of course we are influenced by lying on the beach at a turquoise sea or staring into the night at the million stars on a clear sky. Of course we feel more connected with the green hues of vegetation and having things into another perspective takes away our mind from daily preoccupations. The question is how do we manage to keep this calmness everyday? How do we create a paradise within ourselves and keep it clear in the agitation of the daily life demands?



As I write this post I look at the course of my past days since I came back from Bali. I started writing it when I was all ‘zen-ed’ up, still feeling as though I was floating above Bucharest and all the crappy things that used to bother me before. Days went by and I started to feel the ground again and even more, I’m in the middle of packing and wrapping up my whole life for the big move to Barcelona happening in 2 days from now. So it’s even more hectic, even more stressful, even more things to do and to remember and to keep in hand… or not 🙂

paradise1 Paradise2

Jungle Fish – Ubud

This is a big thing – moving to a different country, to a new job, to a new life. Giving up the life build here in years. Letting go of clothes, habits, pictures, books, a home for the unknown. This should be scary, this should be a goddamn hurricane inside myself.

And indeed, the mind still throws thoughts and worries and tries to pull the alarm bell for the most insignificant of things. But behind all these thoughts and question marks, there is a deep calm, a sense of knowing.

paradise4 paradise6 paradise7 paradise8 paradise9 paradise10

White sand beach, Bali

As I stop to observe it and look at how things unfold each day before the big move I can only see how everything falls into place and there’s a continuous flow of events regardless of my thoughts, my worries or how I even feel about these thoughts.

Just like the waves below the thoughts come and go. I sometimes ride them and I’m above them, but sometimes I fall under the board and get a crack in my head. But the waves keep coming and going and at the end of the day I know I’m the deep, undisturbed, infinite sea.

paradise11 paradise12 paradise13 paradise15 paradise16 paradise17


A couple of days ago I heard this saying and in that moment something clicked: Follow your joy. It seems rather childish and plain, but it’s really, really serious! This is it, actually: follow your joy! Follow what makes your heart happy. I got to realize that this is the reason I am at peace with everything that is happening in my life right now because I am following my own joy. I am pursuing a dream, I am feeding my soul with an incredible experience so how can I be otherwise than breathing in the serenity of the moment?

It doesn’t mean we don’t get to have crappy moments (I broke my laptop the other day). It doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges into following those dreams. There may be moments when we have to truly look into ourselves and be sure what is that ‘joy’. We may have to let go of things, maybe people, maybe situations. There will be times when following the joy will create a mayhem on the outside. But everyday practice of doing something, a little thing maybe that is only for ourselves, for our own souls will set the seeds for our inner paradise.

It’s a commitment to ourselves and in the end, a gesture of self-love. That’s why we are happy when we are in a majestic place such as the one below. Because there’s a certain kindness to ourselves when being in a forgiving climate with rich landscapes. So we could take this practice into our daily lives no matter where we live or what we do, the practice of self compassion, trust and love.

paradise18 paradise20 paradise21 paradise22 paradise23 paradise24

Tanah Lot temple and beach

paradise25 paradise26


paradise28 paradise29

Bingin Beach