#throwback Tuesday – Skipton, North Yorkshire

If you’ve ever been to the English countryside you can definitely understand why they call it the land of god. Those red brick houses, old churches, stone walls and sheep scattered over the green fields make you feel like you’ve fallen into a fairy tale. If it doesn’t rain of course. Which it does. Pretty much all the time.

I stayed for a couple of days in Yorkshire, North England taking the train and car from Preston to Burnley to Blackpool and back again.

And while I saw most of the scenery from outside the window, I got to spend the night in this lovely little town called Skipton. This ‘little town’ has channels like Bruges, a local boat festival and a medieval castle! And of course countless pubs and a fancy inn right in the heart of it with typical country wood furniture.

So enough with the talk, enjoy the images! The pictures are of course not professional and mostly Instagram filtered but enough to give you the feeling of travelling through the Middle Earth of hobbits.

20140429_115539 20140429_115542 20140429_183849 20140429_184010 20140429_184147 20140429_185444

Peek view from inside the pub: aside from the traditional pint fillers you’ll be impressed by the dark wood furniture and typical English decorations – shabby lamps and ornamental ceramic plates.


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Having tea and biscuits in Ashleigh’s kitchen


And just a glance at the hotel room. Unfortunately the images are really bad, I took the pictures late at night when the light was poor and I myself was a bit shaky from all the pints 🙂

20140429_180757 20140429_180808

People going to visit England, just get out of London! Take a Virgin train up north to Yorkshire or Lancashire or south to Suffolk and discover the real beauty of this place. Its pride is not just the well preserved buildings and landscapes but also its friendly cheery people and the history behind it all. More to come in future throwback episodes 😉

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