#throwback Tuesday – Whitby, a medieval tale

Imagine you are on an adventure and left the green and cosy Shire of the hobbits to find new exciting places with long forgotten fortresses and tales. No, we’re not in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ story, but once you arrive in Whitby you will definitely feel like you’ve fallen into one.

As promised in a previous #throwback, I have other memories to share from my voyages to England. This is one road trip me and my friends took with no expectations whatsoever. We wanted to get to the North Sea so we randomly pinned a point on the map, set the GPS and off we went!

And when we got out of the car we saw this…


Aside from the fact that it was cloudy, too cold for June and I had no pro camera at that time to capture the sights, I was blown away (pun intended) by the wind and this little town of Yorkshire.

In a few words, this settlement appears to be as old as the 7th or 8th century, build around an Anglo-Saxon monastery of the Middle Ages. The Whitby Abbey, or what is left of it is the central focus also being present in Bram Stoker’s novel ‘Dracula’.


Right. Here is goes:

20140615_141317 C360_2014-06-15-15-19-02-192

Creepy isn’t it? Imagine walking here in the middle of the night, wind blowing to your years, hearing the waves crushing to the cliff… Best idea for a romantic walk!C360_2014-06-15-15-31-15-781 20140615_153305 20140615_153645 20140615_154125


This must be the strangest looking church I’ve ever seen:


A few souvenirs to buy from the abbey – Hangover Cure and Bath Crystals for lovers. Bath crystals, seriously? Everybody knows they hardly ever took baths in the Middle Ages!

20140615_155013 20140615_155008

Walking around the streets of Whitby was a true test of resisting all the sweet temptations out there. I’ve never seen so many candy shops and mobile ice cream trucks in one place in my life!

C360_2014-06-15-15-07-18-810 C360_2014-06-15-15-05-10-954

20140615_145737 C360_2014-06-15-15-10-27-334

I love the way people here make the entrance doors look so friendly and bright.

20140615_163938 20140615_163444 20140615_163728 20140615_163854

This just made my heart melt 🙂


Anywhere you look, there is a beautiful view of either the paved streets, the sea shore or just some good-looking houses that people care to keep them in the medieval scenery. Who knew that taking a random road trip in Yorkshire you can find such incredible places? Another good reason to go and explore England some more with the first occasion I get.

C360_2014-06-15-14-59-12-549 C360_2014-06-15-14-15-19-122 20140615_164658 20140615_164141

(Despite the cold I couldn’t resist taking a picture in this beautiful landscape with my traditional Romanian blouse from Iiana)