Wreath in time for Christmas

I wrote my first post on Christmas decorations last year talking about the styles and steps of decorating a beautiful holiday tree and promised myself to write next year even more. Christmas is my favourite time in terms of designs because it practically allows one to do anything without the fear of being tacky. There’s even the kitsch trend in decorating for Christmas so hey, anything is possible!

But since my time is so limited and I hope I’ll have time to finish the 2016 trend series before 2016 actually comes, here’s just a small peek into the Christmas styles through the simple and lovely wreaths.

What’s amazing about this piece of decoration is that it can fit pretty much anywhere and it’s styling can go as far as your creativity desires. It’s the perfect solution if your home can’t host a proper tree because of little space, kids, cats and other reasons. It creates a welcoming space in the entryway or other rooms than the privileged living room. It’s a way to exercise different styles and use decorations that didn’t make it to the final of a Christmas tree.

As you will see the below, there’s no limit in the objects and fabrics used and any style can be represented through a wreath. From traditional garlands of holy and pine leaves to quirky DIY crafts it’s all about expressing the joy and color of the season.

Frosty bits - a frosted look can be achieve through using white pine cones, birch bark or white ribbons in a usual green wreath.

Frosty bits – a frosted look can be achieve through using white pine cones, birch bark or white ribbons. Faux flowers can set the frosty mood and give an elegant feel.

Traditional with a twist1 Traditional with a twist2 Traditional with a twist3

Traditional with a twist – Traditional wreaths don’t have to be all about pines and holy. Decorate using roses instead of poinsettia, apples, dried oranges or cinnamon sticks . Make it special by filling only a part of the wreath or instead of the well-known circle make it a star, a 3 letter word or hanging garland.

scandi1 scandi2

The Scandi style is all about representing nature and simplicity. Use just a few decorations and stick to pine and cranberry branches. Rams and pine cones are the only attraction points to an otherwise austere setting.

Princess wreath

Here’s a wreath for every princess! Beads, feathers and plumes, lace and tutu fabric, pearls and ribbons – nothing cannot be used to make Christmas a little more glamorous.

DiY wreaths not the ordinary wreath

Not an ordinary wreath – Pinterest is full of DIY ideas for Christmas decorations so I chose a few examples of how we can use ordinary objects and create piece to stand out. My personal favourites are ones made from cork, jar lids and painted light bulbs.

Frame it

Just like everything looks official with tiny leaves around it, any wreath can seem a work of art if put in a frame. Use it to write Christmas messages or to create a setting on a mantelpiece and it will rival the Christmas tree in getting the attention.

Glitter lovers

A wreath for any home – why limit to winter inspiration when you love the sea? The marine decorations can work just as well. Family photo frames, apples, Christmas balls, peacock feathers and sequins, candies and bells  – any embellishment can work to adorn the home in style. The minimum requirement is creativity and a large dose of the holiday spirit.